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The Valley - Diary
« on: September 28, 2013, 04:29:08 PM »
Day 1.
Today is day one. Set arbitrarily among a sea of similar days, this is nevertheless the one that will be named "One".

The Valley dawn is unusual. Not to its inhabitants, they are quite used to it. To them this is just another dawn, like thousands of others.

The soft red glow begins at the valley edges, slowly brighten and then climb higher in the sky. Gold seeps into the red and climbs across the sky yet faster, until finally the whole sky is a bright white glow.

The last bit of night to be abolished, is in the sky above the wall.

The angle of the most powerful light is near vertical throughout the valley. Although, since light is coming from all across the sky, interesting shadows form here and there.

Today is not planned to be special in any remarkable way. Work starts up as planned, people mingle and exchange polite greetings as they make their way from their homes to their workplaces.

Housing ranges from manorial style buildings in the Elder's Circle, surrounded by 2-5 story high residential buildings. To the west and south, smaller and more varied homes fill out the village.

Workplaces and shops are situated in sensible locations across the paved area. The heavier the industry, the farther from the homes. The more important the products, the further to the east and north they are placed under better protection.

The fields and gardens stretch out in a wide small valley to the east and south. Sheltered by tall and steep mountains, it has never been under threat by The Others. Enclosed as it is, dangerous wildlife has been long since eliminated, it is a safe haven where children and youngsters play and train their skills until they come of age.

The Knoll is the large hill in the middle of the Fields. On it sits a small keep with a watchtower. Both Keep and Tower was built using materials that can only be seen in the caves of the Machine and in the foundations of the oldest village buildings. The tower is always manned and contain several artifacts, among them; screens of powerful divination.