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« on: October 06, 2011, 07:36:49 PM »
In the regent guide there's a reference to sailing traditions. There's the Western and Southern Anuirean traditions which resemble Western/North Western Europe and the Mediterranean. My question is: if a realm belongs to the West like Boeruine, Taeghas or Talinie, are they limited to Galleons, Caravels and Naos or can they also build galleys?

Same goes for southern realms. Can they possess galleons or are their fleets built around galleys and galleas?

What of the border realms like Avanil or Brosengae? Which traditions do they belong to?

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Re: Navies
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Quotation from Regent Guide:  "In areas where different traditions meet, ships of many types can be found."

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Re: Navies
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Southern realms definitely employ galleons. And I would say that western realms can build and use galleys, it is nothing unknown to them. But because they tend to suffer from bad weather more than sailships like galleons and caravels, they are quite impractical there.

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Re: Navies
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Thanks for that quote, Brandon. I missed that.

And yah, Libor, I suspected that the players would tend to prefer galleons because of our real world historical development that, on account of the exploration of the New World, and the shift from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, made galleons  the war vessel of choice :) 

Then again, when looking at the Battle of Lepanto or the Conquest of Tunis, the Mediterranean powers like the Ottoman empire, the Kingdom of Naples, Genoa or Venice, they all still used galleys almost exclusively.
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Re: Navies
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Unless a special rule is in effect its possible to build all ship types within your own culture.
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