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Introduction to Aftane
« on: January 14, 2011, 01:50:48 PM »
Aftane is a large and wealthy Khinasi city-state. Unlike most of the other great cities is has no direct access to the sea. Instead it focuses its attentions on the mighty Zhaïnge River and all the lands connect to it. Wares and travelers go up and down the river, to and from such distant places as Molochev, Besaïam, and Kal Kalathor, and by extension to even further realms that are connected to these places by trade. Aftane is also the terminus of the overland route through the Tarvan Waste, especially since Shoufal became aligned with Aftane rather than Ariya. Further downriver lies the little Amirate of Mesire, which gladly handles Aftane’s need for maritime trade connections.

Aftane was not always so important. Its rise to power started only about a century ago, following a great revolt in the city that put the Red King on the throne. To this day the identity of the original Red King is unknown, for he always wore as cloth mask in public. There are many who claim that he was of el-Arrasi’s blood, a scion forced to flee a succession struggle taking place at the time in Ariya. But there many other tales regarding his identity, so it is by no means universally accepted. The Red King set about strengthening Aftane’s position in myriad ways, not least of which was recruiting to his side able and willing aides. These aides became his heirs and in time they were amply rewarded. Eventually there came to be seven such aides. Three ruled the three city-states of Aftane’s growing empire – Aftane, Shoufal and Adaba (the later two taken from Ariya’s dwindling domain). The next three oversaw the Brotherhood of Keth, Aftane’s secret police, the Temple of Khirdai which had come to dominate martial Aftane, and the sources of the land. The seventh and most promising aide had the honor of representing the Red King in public as the Red Herald. When the old King at long last died the Red Herald proved his worth by keeping the other six united in purpose. Thus was born Aftane of the Seven Red Kings.

In 1527 HC they came very close to defeating Ariya, but somehow the Brilliant City was able to turn the tables and rout Aftane’s army. The city-state of Adaba was retaken by the Ariyan and the Red king in charge of the city killed. Since then Aftane has bided its time, rebuilt its forces and reforged its old alliances. A new warrior has stepped forth, ready to take bring Ariya to battle again. If he succeeds he will be named Red King of Adaba and take his place among the other six. Only then they will make plans to bring Ariya down. And this time they will not be denied.

Those boring people with no sense of romantic adventure point out that one hundred years is a long time, and given he fact that the Red Kings (save the Herald) remain anonymous, means that there may well have been many Red Kings over the course of that century.
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