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Introduction to Lluabraight
« on: January 19, 2011, 01:22:40 PM »
The cold and silent forests in the heart of the Highlands are all that remains of the sidhe kingdoms of old. Within its borders dwell a cold and unforgiving people who dedicate the remaining of their immortal days to the perfection of warcraft and magic. There is no hope or warmth left in Lluabraight, only a cold fire of hatred that burns equally for all non-elves, be they human, goblins, or otherwise. Fortunately for Lluabraight’s neighbors the realm is not nearly strong enough to launch any attacks against them. It is all that the elves can do to defend against the near-constant attacks of their enemies. The sidhe have even been forced to give up outlying areas, primarily in the south where Ghuralli’s minions have carved out a small kingdom from what used to be elven possessions. From time to time, however, the Master of the Hunt will lead punitive expeditions, and backed by the power of the grand Mistess’ magic the elven knights will cut a bloody swathe through the forest – before returning home to grieve, for invariably some precious sidhe are lost during these forays.
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