Author Topic: Introduction to the Blood Skull Barony  (Read 599 times)

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Introduction to the Blood Skull Barony
« on: January 19, 2011, 01:07:33 PM »
The ‘Blood Skull Barony’ is no real kingdom, but rather a stretch of wild lands that have been the home of a great variety of unpleasant creatures for as long as anyone can remember. The region was troubled even when the Rjurik first came to the Highlands, before the breaking of the sidhe, and since then it has only gotten worse. Its name derives from the symbol of the first ‘Blood Skull Baron’ to unify (more or less) the region, after which a long row of leaders (usually short-lived) have claimed the title for themselves. The Barony is usually rife with infighting and does not pose a real threat to its neighbors, save as a source of raids. Raids that cannot be stopped, only defended against. But once in a while a strong leader emerges, and whenever that happens the Barony can become a very real threat indeed. Another limiting factor is the presence of two awnsheghlien on the borders; the White Witch and Ghuralli.
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