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Host: Gaius and the Scourge
« on: October 07, 2013, 11:44:18 AM »
Gaius, Knight-Commander of The Scourge

Prowess: 2
Cunning: 3
Interaction: 2
Warcraft: 0
Psychics: 8
Faith   : 0
Tech: 0

Generic background:
Gaius remembers little of his childhood and adolesence; brief glimpses of men in armor bringing him "home" to Terra, the huge Black Ship, and his cramped quarters. The rest of his memories are washed away, only the pain remains. His training took years, much longer than most of his fellow students. Slow to learn, they said. Poor control.  Little did they know. Somehow he completed his training, and got assigned as an agent. Those memories are gone as well, the debriefings too painful to remember. He doubts even his name is his own, probably just some past cover that got stuck. It doesn't matter. Time passed, and the voices got stronger. So did his abilities. The Empire never knew. Not until that fateful day when the voices took over.

Arrival on Cadia:
"That fateful day" happened a couple of years ago. He was on a transport, headed who knows where, when the voices got loud. Too loud. He remembers blood. And screams. He remembers the pilots mind, his terror as Gaius forced him to crash into the planets surface.The others were already dead. A cocoon of energy shielded him from the crash. He did not think a distress call had been made; he was free.

Gaius roamed Cadia for a time after that, before he eventually was discovered by a ragtag band calling themselves The Scourge. He assumes the name was meant to keep others away, seeing how it is usually their own members that did the dying part. Understanding that safety could be found in numbers, Gaius did not kill them as they came to rob him. Instead, he dove into the mind of their leader, an old renegade space marine called Maximus Fantz. Planting a seed of loyalty there, the old marine called off his men and welcomed Gaius into their midst. Since then he has "risen" through the ranks, and now serves as Maximus' right hand, though in reality he controls both arms, legs and head of the old warrior, as well as most of the senior fighters in the band.

Gaius has little gear of value. His force sword, and a couple of bolt guns he salvaged from the wreckage.


Maximus Fantz, General of The Scourge. An old ex-space marine. Despite his advanced age, the old man still has a few fights left in him.
Lancer, a local ranger with an aptitude for guns.
Hannah, another local. She thinks herself a witch, believing her psychic ability to be great. She has some potential, though she is no match for Gaius. He keeps her around for entertainment, and for keeping his bed warm at night.

Bodyguards (20): The inner circle of The Scourge, these men have shown skill beyond the other riffraff. Decently equipped and proficient, they are able to hold their own in a fight. Due to Gaius' psychic presence, these men are both inhumanely fearless and highly motivated.

Elite (0): None.

Troops (100): The Scourge has had some success in their criminal endevours after Gaius came in their midst. As a result, their numbers have nearly trippled. Make no mistake, however, in any fair fight they are only good for one thing - dying. Which they do with fanatical pleasure and motivation, traits encouraged and boosted by Gaius' psychic influence.

Current head count:
Henchmen: 3
Bodyguards: 20
Troops: 97
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Re: Host: Gaius and the Scourge
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