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Roads & Features map + movement
« on: May 08, 2009, 11:16:37 AM »
When fighting wars, please look at this map or you'll become lost!

White lines are (almost) IMPASSABLE (to armies that is, small groups might be able to cross, but that's it)
- if you really want to cross and IMPASSABLE line, notify the DM (it is sometimes possible, but you army will take damage AND supply will be cut)

Purple roads are HIGHWAYS (use highway movement cost)
Red roads are MAJOR ROADS (use road movement cost)

Movement cost is always calculated using the province you're moving INTO. This might sound strange, since you can get situations where moving into one province has one cost, but the return trip has another.

Example: Moving from Aerele (Hills) to Ciliene (plains) cost less than moving from Ciliene (plains) to Aerele (hills).

This is because when moving INTO a province you're conceptually not just moving in a straight line from center to center, but actively taking control of a province; which involves moving to several points in a province, scouting, seizing strong points etc.

The only exception is when you have to cross a great deal of secondary terrain to get from province to province (i.e. when moving from a hills province to another hills province, but crossing some medium mountains in the process); then you have to pay the cost of moving through that terrain instead.
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