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Khaiarén Family
« on: February 24, 2010, 05:31:06 PM »
'House' Khaiarén is not really a major house at all, but rather several separate domains ruled over by the 'Five Khaiarén brothers' (or their heirs). The 'real' House Khaiarén is a very minor (viscount level) family from Alamie.

The Five KHAIARÉN brothers:

Maevous Khaiarén (1480 HC) - Baron of Rivien (Assumed regency 1510 HC)
  Married, but no living children (his two sons and one daughter all died before the age of 10, his wife is also dead and he has not re-married).
Blaede Khaiarén (1483 HC) - Baron of Soileite (Assumed regency 1520 HC)
  Aeric Khaiarén (1501 HC) - His 1st son and heir
  Gaerred Khaiarên (1503 HC) - His 2nd son, Hierophant of the LPA
  Marcous (1507 HC) - His 3rd son, See below
Saender Khaiarén (1485 HC) - Blademaster of the HTC (Assumed regency 1534 HC)
  No children

Torebhan Khaiarén (1490 HC) - Marquis of Quatil, formerly Count of Sunken Lands (Assumed later regency 1533 HC); killed by orogs in 1534HC
  Wife died; no children, vowed not to re-marry
  Marcous Khaiarén (1510 HC) - Marquis of Quatil, 3rd son of Blaede, Torebhan's nephew (Assumed regency 1534 HC); killed by orogs in the winter of 1535 HC

Robhan Khaiarén (1492 HC) - High marshal of the HA (Assumed regency 1530 HC)
  No children
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