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Chapter 10: Character and Domains - Character skills
« on: March 20, 2010, 07:10:39 AM »
The following table will be used for every character-skill that has any bearing on the game (mostly administration, command, warcraft, spellcraft; maybe a few others).

Each character has a character level that falls within a specified range (low, medium, high, etc.); most regents and/or able assistance will be medium or high level.

Each character also has a mastery level; the vast majority of characters will have no skills above the Skilled mastery level, or at most one Expert mastery (in which case their other skills will tend to be weaker). High+ level characters are usually more diverse and can have more skills, but not necessarily higher mastery levels. To find a Master of any skill is very rare; they count as having special powers and are consequently harder to recruit.

Untrained (x0): Character is completely unsuitable for the task. Example: Wizards and Command.
Proficient (x1): Character has some skill, but it's not his primary focus. Example: A fighter sovereign that has never shown much interest in Administration.
Skilled (x2): Character is quite competent, but not exceptionally so. Example: A noble lord that has never really been in a war (Warcraft).
Expert (x3): Character is very skilled for his level; this within his area of expertise. Example: A multi-class noble/fighter with good Intelligence and Skill Focus that has maxed out his ranks in Warcraft after years of fighting.
Master (x4): Character has pursued the skill with singular focus; he has max ranks, one or more feats to support it, and a good ability score keyed to that skill. Example: An expert who has maxed out his Admin skill, his Int, purchased Skill Focus (Admin) and a regional feat giving a bonus to Admin.

Character level      Master Expert Skilled Proficient Untrained
Low             1-3         +8      +6       +4         +2          +0
Medium       4-6         +12     +9      +6         +3          +0
High            7-9         +16     +12    +8         +4          +0
Very high    10-12     +20     +15    +10        +5          +0
Legendary  13-15     +24     +18    +12        +6          +0
Near epic    16-20     +28     +21    +14        +7          +0
Epic             21+        +32    +24    +16        +8          +0

Rhuobhe is an Epic level character that is an Expert of Command (+24), Warcraft (+24), and Spellcraft (+24). He's a Skilled (+16) administrator as well, thanks to his high Int. It's tempting to think that he, as an Epic level character should be a master of everything, but that is not the case. Mastery is RELATIVE to level and it is not easier for a high-level character to be a master than a low-level one.
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