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Please read before reading the following.

Now we get into the interesting stuff. The priority of all the following can be discussed later. Again I gathered these from the brainstorming thread.

* A "Hidden" flag to be possible to set on any object/holding by the DM, and thusly have it be invisible and not counting in the "visible" world.
* A DM view, what actions are up, what do they affect, which ones overlap, who has set influence up to be triggered by any of the events set to happen?
* The ability to march the game forward 1 Turn. The plans for that turn, ready or not, of the players take effect and become frozen to editing by the players.
* NPC realm scripting. "Equilibrium" lock, keeps realm static if no players interfere.
       i. Smart scripting, flag preferred holding types and provinces of interest, rule until full, don't let prosp. go lower than -2, agitate when all ruled up, then... etc. Control by policies instead of detail scripting.
* Rule database interface. All actions and events have a ruleset. Most of these are based on a set of variables, it must be possible for Bjørn to enter this area and tweak the variables for the different game components. Actions, units, spells etc.

* Character Registration, when a player wish to submit a new character, he will use a specific form for it, to make it easy for Bjørn to accept, refuse or ask more details.
* Create character "bluebook" where all characters flagged "public" can be looked up.
* Make it possible to do Espionage and as a result receive person info on "secret" characters.

* Map: Provinces with name of each province
* Map: Political different colored realms based on owner gathered from P&H
* Map: View with Roads, trade routes, ley lines etc.
* Map: All provinces on the map should have levels gathered from P&H e.g. 7/3
* Map: Status view maybe, with prosperity using color codes from red(baaaad) to green(live long and prosper!)
* Dispatch facilities. Person to group, like mini specialized forums that can be set up by a player when picking the domains they communicate with.
* Counting letters, ability to click-through to all letters from a specific realm, all series where a specific realm was receiving etc.
* You pick the domains to send to, and their heads along with suggested appropriate address is pasted into the note.
* view showing a set of specific provinces, which provinces to be shown should be drawn from a field pr. province call "Nation"
* view, based on another province field called "Region"
* based on the rulers of holdings across provinces. - So a ruler can be singled out and displayed.

Niles, are all the dashed items for the players & GM or just GM?

--- Quote ---A Player Realm view, where is it, whats it called, what does it own. The P&H+Domain Secrets+DO
  a. DO creation, or rather "turn planning"
      - Long term scheduling, setting up long term scenario plans.
      - Army unit tracker, where are they, who has interest there, other units in same location
      - Who else is active in the areas where the realm has interests, what is their status?
      - Diplomatic agreements, holding support, building access, army movement access etc. define types
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Counting letters, ability to click-through to all letters from a specific realm, all series where a specific realm was receiving etc.
--- End quote ---
Counting letters?

Does any one have anything to add? Or discuss?



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