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I suggest we split the development into at least 2 phases. Phase 1 will focus on creating an application that handles all the functionality currently handled by the DO, P&H, Status Report. Any calculations already done via the spreadsheets should be handled in this phase. Any rule implementation not currently done by the spreadsheets will be handled in later phases.

From the brainstorming thread I gathered the following:

* Online version of P&H, as a reference catalog available to all users.
* Online version of Status Report with secret info for person. Based on individual user login.
* DO entry by players
* Basic validation of DO
* GM view each DO
* GM able to edit any world data
* Creation of Status Report
* Generation of online version of P&H
* Generation of spreadsheet version of P&H
In addition Phase 1 should include the creation of infrastructure to handle non-vanilla BR data i.e. Manor holdings.

Does any one have anything to add? Or discuss?


X-CJS/Ruormad Coumain (Tristan):
I'd be concerned that we may be going for too much in Phase 1.

Possibly the more moderate approach of making phase 1 about getting the data into a format and location where it is viewable/searchable initially.

Then as a phase 2 looking at ways that we can modify, manipulate and otherwise use that data.

This is certainly open for discussion. I just have 2 comments.

* Is there any benefit to having the data viewable without being able to update it? Wouldn't the data get out of date quickly. Or am I missing something?
* I follow the Extreme Programming methodology (an iterative rather than "Big Up Front Design" approach) which focuses on getting small slices (one or two features) of an application done and working completely, rather than build by application layers (the entire db 1st, followed by the entire infrastructure.) So while it may sound counter-intuitive, I resist the urge to create entire the database (or in my case the Object Model - from which the db structure follows) first.

I should also note that Extreme Programming methodology stresses short, iterative, multiple releases of code with each release having one or more functional feature actually working. So while there is a lot in listed in Phase 1, it will actually contain many working releases albeit not always useful in of themselves. For example, one of the first things that I was thinking to do was user accounts with basic GM and Player permissions. So the release would have user accounts, people will be able to log in, but that might be it. Not very useful yet.

So in reality Phase 1 and Phase 2+ are not for release dates but as a means saying I would like to focus first on the core things first and wait on all the bells and whistles. I probably should of made that clearer.

Now based on your comment maybe user account shouldn't be the very first thing. Maybe read only view(s) of the world data should be first. But at some point we only want a GM user to have direct write permission. 

--- Quote ---I resist the urge to create entire the database
--- End quote ---
With that said there is still a lot of data that would be readable for the players, so a good portion of it would have to be be.

Again thank you very much for the comment keep them coming.

X-Elinie/RiD (Niels):
It would be attractive to have the ability to see the "state of the realm" as it has historically developed.

That is, the P&H for earlier rounds. - I keep all mine and zealously check them now and then, to see who has progressed where, and at whose expense.

As for slicing the project into smaller parts, starting with a simple "province viewer" would both give a visual indication of progress, as well as some of the core tables that will be required later.

Great effort so far Davout!


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