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Shadow: Khaiarén family
« on: February 25, 2010, 11:50:36 PM »

Robhan frowned in confusion, forgive me of great Haelyn but I am confused.  Was my late lamented nephew the second or third son of my brother?  Also was he a youthful 24 or a mature 27?

I recognise that I missed much of his youth with adventuring, praying, and building thine holy empire of the spirit, but I feel remiss in my duties as uncle, and possibly also as the priest who will lead the elegy at ye family wake, in not knowing the truth of these details which are likely of import to his mother.

Robhan sighed, he would have to ask his mother, she had always managed to remember that sort of detail...  Failing that he would have to find a way of discretely asking a brother, of course discretion was far from a family trait...

OOC. Ok, low blow making fun of a typo, but I was struck by the times I forgot my brother's birthdays and so on, something that happens more frequently as time goes by sadly.  My mother, of course, has never forgotten a single name or date.

Sigh, I'd missed that Torebhan was dead too.  That's one dangerous/cursed barony!
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