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We have a few new potential players and a few open domains (not many, but a few). Prospective players that want a domain should PM and with their preferences and motivations. I know  I know, many of you have already contacted me by mail or PM, but unless you PM me in response to this post you'll not be considered.

Available domains are:

Endier & KoH
Eloéle of Mieres

X-IHH/Wallac Isilviere (Kasper):
I got a friend I've known like 20 years who is very dependable and with lots and lots of PBeM experience.

He just finished some other PBeM's and thus should have the time.

Endier & KoH should be most to his liking

We now have 4 applicants for two positions.

I'll make a decision shortly, but if any existing player wants to sponsor one of the applicants that would count in the applicant's favor.


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