Author Topic: Garlic - its use and smell. Off topic derived from turn 65  (Read 463 times)

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Garlic - its use and smell. Off topic derived from turn 65
« on: November 02, 2009, 09:16:53 AM »

With actual garlic and chili?  Ew.  No, this is garlic-infused (flavored) vodka.  Still not very good, but better than THAT would be. 

Interestingly, the peppercorn vodka wasn't bad.

With actual garlic and chili, yeah... it was free, which does wonders to the flavor, but still not recommendable... I had to try it out, surprising stuff may make good drinks or shots - like peppercorn, for example - wouldn't have thought that  :)

Since you guys insist having garlic as a topic; cook the garlics in water for say 20 minuttes and then pour out the water - then you can use your garlic in your food without the bad breath potentially being an issue

Ahh, but would you still be able to scare off vampires? That's what I'd like to know...

I kinda wonder that too. I think not as the smell of Garlic pouring from every pore is the only thing that comes to mind to hold of a vampire - unless ofcause its the flavour of garlic in the blood. Hmm perhaps we can consult Bjørn through the use of a "volunteer" AA in comming turn - kindly inviting a vampire to dinner and serving a hot soup with garlic - prepared in advance by seperate cooking of garlic and pouring out that water after 20 minuttes etc. Or the dinner will be the AA's own blod?
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