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X-Osoerde (Alan):
 don't know how much help I can be in this, but some players have expressed a need for some mentoring.  Send me an email.

I can help with the following: 

Plots - How do I accomplish this? etc.
Qestions - What does this mean? Any best practices? etc.
History - What happened during this? (though my ability to do this is limited by what my own knowledge was at the time) etc.

X-Coeranys/WD (Greg):
For players that think they might benefit from some mentoring, Alan is an EXCELLENT mentor.

I know Jon and Bjorn are very willing to help as well, but since it takes up so much time to run RoE, having someone else to ask questions of benefits everyone concerned.

Thanks for offering Alan.  :)

X-IHH/Wallac Isilviere (Kasper):
I can testify to that. Alan is both skilled and patient  :)

X-Tornilen/SM (Alexander):
And a fair player as well :) I will be taking advantage of this, thanks for offering.

X-IHH/Wallac Isilviere (Kasper):
As will Alan  ;D


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