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The Mandal Fur Company
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:30:12 PM »
The legendary traders from the north, the Mandal Fur company are a proud, independent group of aaolfers based in Gandvik.  They are noted for hunting on the northern ice (and even crossing to Thaele) in winter for seals and bear, and during warmer months hunting for whales.

The MFC also trade the thick furs found in Gandvik along with refined oils and candles, and even gold panned from rivers and other northern rarities.  In exchange the MFC buy food - for all their efforts and communal spirit the people of the north know hunger well, and the men of the MFC stretch themselves to breaking point to bring home enough food to see out the long winter.

The MFC are, like many people of Gandvik, reticent, but proud of their home.  They are deeply respectful - and fearful - of druids, but speak little of the faiths of Gandvik beyond saying that wise men speak only praise when they talk of the druids of winter.

Heroes of the MFC include:

Lars Ericksen who landed at Yvarre during preparations to repel a raid from the blood skull barony and led his crew north to defend against the reavers - counter-raiding into the Barony itself to rescue captives!

Hedda Ranasdottir who dueled the awnsheghlien man-serpent Gruffwyth on the rocks of Fisk Isle and won an oath from the bested beast that he would shun the Rjurik coast for a score of years.

Gunnars Ingramssen who was becalmed at sea for 3 weeks yet managed to sell 40 barrels of rotten fish to the Anuireans of Talinie claiming that the stinking slop was a northern delicacy - and then managed to sell the same again a few years later when the prideful fools declared the dish an acquired yet discerning taste rather than admit their error.
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