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Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
1.  Please copy in Matt if you send them to me.

2.  Where I respond, please note that I am generally doing so without Matt's input, so things may still change.

3. If you have ideas for treaties, tributes, etc please put them in even though they aren't agreed with the other side.


Ohlaak (Alan):
If we submitted a DD, should we wait for Matt's comments for adding new stuff?

Yggdrasil (DM Andy):

--- Quote from: Ohlaak (Alan) on July 18, 2013, 06:37:06 AM ---If we submitted a DD, should we wait for Matt's comments for adding new stuff?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure if he's planning to amend them himself, or simply tell you the changes he wants - unless he countermands, I'd say send in your updates, but don't go OTT with multiple revisions as he's got a lot on.

Ohlaak (Alan):
Ok...In that case, I will stop sending stuff, let him get through the backlog and then perhaps try to negotiate for other changes. :)

Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
Firstly apologies to those who I, inevitably, miss out.

I've not seen draft DD's for everyone, DD's that I've seen are:

Alan           The Dragon (?) / Ohlaak the Dragon / The Rising Fire
Bob (RP)     Lord Commander Otmar Messer / Thurazor Regained
Bobby H     Countess ( / Sorceress) Clumine Dhoesone / Silver House of the North
Brandon     King Fulgar the Bold / Rjuvik
Linde         Thane Thuriene Donalls / Talinie
Milos          Guildsmaster Bannier Andien / Andien and Sons
Niels          Earl ( / Mage ) Torele Anviras / The Stone Circle
Viktor         Master James Ardannt / Haelyn's Bastion of Truth

Apologies if I missed anyone out, please send me any o/s DD's so I can take a look at them over the weekend and start pulling threads together, comparing looey's, assets, agenda's, etc.

Thanks all.


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