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Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
I attach the P&H who's who.

Please note that for the realms not directly in play we haven't changed all the regents yet, so Robhan is still High Marshal of HA for example, you also have a few people on the list who are somewhat more distant than others.

Otherwise some names, etc have been changed to protect the innocent, and for that matter the guilty.  Some were shy and were removed, some may not be entirely honest.

Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
Q1 from Bobby:

In the P&H, one Source holding in Giant's Fastness in the Dhoesone tab is listed as owned by "SOTT".  This abbreviation isn't listed in the sheet you provided.  Can you tell me who this is?

Sources of the Thorn Throne (line 94 for the investigative), this is a collective of elemental spirits, sidhe, fey of various kinds etc in service to the crown of Tuarhievel

Silver House/ClDh (Bobby):
In the Blood Skull Barony and Giantdowns, there is a regent listed as "Darkon".  Is this the same as the "Dark" abbreviation in your list, the "Demons of the Dark"?

Yggdrasil (DM Andy):

--- Quote from: Bobby ---In the Blood Skull Barony and Giantdowns, there is a regent listed as "Darkon".  Is this the same as the "Dark" abbreviation in your list, the "Demons of the Dark"?
--- End quote ---


Darkon is a famed wizard from the Blood Skull Barony, rumoured to be the greatest mage of all time and a survivor from the sorcerer-kings of Gandvick that survived the coming of the faith of winter but scorned to dwell amongst those who failed to recognise his greatness.  He is said to devour other mages to steal their magic and eat the hearts of heroes to gain their strength.  He is noted for his courage in battle in raids by the barony, for being served by great bull-men and veldt giants, and to be irresistible to women.  His genius is matched by his great artistic ability, several skalds who were captured by the barony won their freedom after he recognised their skills.

The Devouring Dark is a myth, spoken of by fools who tried exploring the Shadow World, sidhe that lie of immortality and magic on the breeze, and delirious fools who failed to say prayers before they slept and whose dreamselves walked unprotected in the land of nightmares to be rent and twisted by the Devouring Dark.  Some old sources mention a knight who fled the Gorgon's Crown after falling into a forbidden love, the knight said that the Dark battled the Gorgon and prevented him from storming the Shadow World, it is said to be the embodiement of despair and hunger, the nightmares of the gods gained sentience and hate for life.  Clearly it is simply the sort of tall story that bards tell to gullible fools and old women who like to scare themselves with stories by firelight.

Silver House/ClDh (Bobby):
Note to self: Do not contest Source held by the utterly laughable tall tales.  You will fail your save to disbelieve, and they will consume your soul.

How about the Tyllddyr Khorim?  Who are they?


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