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RoE3 project announced!

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Setup of RoE3 will be managed as a project (using the PRINCE2 standard); this will ensure that the best possible product is delivered on time to the players!

Project mandate: To deliver a playable RoE3 PbeM/PbP package to the DM team. The Project Manager will be the Lead DM after the projcet has delivered its products.

I've appointed an Executive* - Myself.

As my first act as Executive I have appointed the following Project Manager*: Matt

We're currently in the Pre-project stage.

* This means Matt is in charge of the RoE3 project. NOT me. My role is to aid Matt as best I can and help prod him in the right direction, but he gets to do all the work and make all the day-to-day decisions.

X-Tuornen/LF (Geir):
hooray! hooray! hurra! hurra!  ;D 

X-Ghieste & HOT/GH (Matt):
Geir if you are interested please fill out the poll and the experiment form

We have one more person that's been hired to take part in the project phase and take on a Supportive DM role: Andy

For the project phase we'll no doubt ask for help from all of you for various tasks.

For actual DMing we're contemplating on bringing in one more person as Supportive DM, but this hasn't been decided yet. Too early to tell. Perhaps a natural candidate will emerge during the project.

The PRINCE2 reference is a quasi-joke; I recently took two exams to qualify as a project manager using PRINCE2.

The part about running things a project...that was not a joke.


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