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Where to start?

RoE2 was a GREAT game.

I had loads of fun, again and again. Lots of great players, lots of great moments.

I really would have liked to have carried it through for 20 turns, but as you all noticed I could not - the game became an excessive in stopping and resuming...until it reached the point where no amount of prodding could make me move it forward.

I'm going to have to do this in multiple parts. If you want to comment I'd like for you to do it in an appropriate OOC thread; maybe this one:

The basic premise of RoE2 was this:

Reuse what was good from RoE1, but move it forward a handful of years so that changes could be easily explained!

RoE2 was never supposed to be a DIRECT continuation of the old, more like based upon the events depicted in RoE1. I guess there were a lot of similarities though, but a lot changed as well - both on the surface and 'under the hood'.

RoE2 was supposed to run for only one chapter (20 turns).


RoE2 assumes that:

The Gorgon will rise again. He got his ass kicked by the Iron King back in RoE1, but he's not about give up. So throughout RoE there will be a sense of a darkness gathering in the (North)East (if the players pay attention at any rate). Please not that 'ass kicked' only applied to his current military assets; much of his realm was untouched - and the vast network of spies and other agents he's infiltrated Anuire with are still in place, ready for activation with the time is right...

The Red Wind has found his faith in the One True God and become his no. 1 prophet. So he'll go to Anuire to preach the word and try to gain converts. I was a bit anxious to see how many players I could hook, but it actually played out very well, with the meeting between Kaven Enlien and the Red Wind making it into the Top 10 RoE Moments. It was also going to be fun to see whether this new threat would unite the temples or further split them apart, and help Anuire or weaken it in the face of the threat of the Gorgon.

That was my canvas. I added to this domain descriptions with wildly conflicting agendas and let human (player) nature run its course!


Under the wise leadership of Governor Vaumel Mieres entered a period of prosperity and peace. Behind the scenes all was not quiet, however; the Governor went south to distant Eustan and witnessed firsthand the religious zeal of the followers of the One True God. Later he would see the Faith taking hold in his own land - and he would until his death contemplate the same question; did his own expedition bring the One True God to Mieres?

Vaumel's appointed heir eventually assumed the regency of Mieres as Canneth I Coereone, Baron of Serien and Lord Governor of the Principality of Mieres. He would have his hands full with the New Faith clashing with the old, upseting the old balances between gold, land, gods and magic...not to mention the presence of Avanese expeditionary forces in the western part of his realm and a growing Avanese influence at court. A lesser ruler might have faltered, but Canneth I proved his mettle and weathered the storm - helped in no small part by his conversion to the New Faith...and the Gorgon's assault upon Anuire demaning all of Avanil's attention. During the dark years that followed Canneth I did much for southern Anuire; spreading the Faith, battling the invaders and helping the people. Were it not for him it is likely that the entire region would have fallen into ruin...


Pontiff Wallac I never relinquished his title, even when the Concalve called for it. From that time it was clear that the IHH and it's allies would walk their own path, separate from the Conclave. Thus there would be two Pontificates. For a time Wallac held court in Ilien, but eventually the demands of the Crusade (HIS Crusade) called him East. He never returned to Anuire, but spent his remaining days trying to create a new religious hegemony based on the Crusade's conquests.

The IHH fared reasonably well despite Wallac's absence - leadership of the Anuirean temples fell to Cardinal Isilviere, the IHH's former ambassador to the Anuirean Conclave, now returned to his old haunts. Unfortunately he could not foresee the growing faith in the One in Ilien and was powerless to prevent the city of Sails from slipping though his fingers. He was also, in the end, unable to protect his flock from the minions of the Gorgon when they swept across the land. He died bravely, sword in hand and was accept into Haelyn's Hall to sit at his table.


The Aegis would perform its role amicably; when the Gorgon's armies rolled across the wilds of Morcosoer they were at the forefront of the defense of Anuire. When the legions of darkness advanced across Mhoried they fought alongside the Mhor. High Marshal Robahn was gravely injured during one brutal melee; he survived, but was never again able to lead his men in battle. A group of loyal men took him north to Sonnelind and left him in the care of the Bastion of Truth. Bereft of his land and his men Robhan became an adviser to the Baron of Dhoesone, and eventually became and important figure in the political and religious life in the Northern Marches and along the Tael Firth.

Without their august leader the knights of the Aegis fractured into smaller groups, each fighting on as best it could. Brave men continued the fight in a thousand small ways, striking from hidden strongholds in the Stonecrow Mountains and generally making life difficult for the invaders. When the call came many surviving bands of Aegis knights joined their banners to those already serving under Moergan of Thasbyrn, the Shield of Anuire, roving across the length and breadth of Anuire in defense of land.


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