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[Unofficial] Agir's Road, Erik's Way
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This temple is an off-shoot of the Emerald Spiral.  Over 200 years ago, the Spiral sent a number of druids of Agir, who worked within their network, with a group of colonists, who eventually settled Kvigmarheim, far to the east.  This was due to two factors:  the association of Agir with travel and the already considerable size of the Emerald Spiral.  Initially, ensuring the survival of the colony was no easy task for the settlers and the Agirites to accomplish, and it required most of their attention and effort; but, eventually, Kvigmarheim developed into a true port, and Agir’s Road was even able, during prosperous times, to expand into the nearby settlement of Kopingdal. . . . Of late, the temple has worked with the regents of Kvigmar and Hjolvar to defend against goblin raids,—a seemingly never-ending task,—and, on its own, it has striven to combat various attempts by Vaar Gestad and Yzz to expand their source networks into Rjurik territory (the sources of House Danig {in Hjolvar} having been existent even before the foundation of Kopingdal and being viewed, in general, as far less of a threat). . . . Contact still exists with the Emerald Spiral, who is the spiritual superior of Agir’s Road, Erik’s Way. . . . State Faith of Kvigmar; State Faith of Hjolvar.

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