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Diemed & Boeruine


Diemed is late for the Nth time - after another turn with very low activity. Unless Sheldon does something to remedy that situation Diemed will be reassigned turn 72.

Boeruine has failed to deliver turn no. 1 and hasn't asked for any special extension beyond the general one. Unless Robert turns up with his DO or a good explanation very soon I'll consider looking for a new player for Boeruine from turn 73.

X-Aerenwe/TS (Miloš):
I expect Robert to return for turn #72. He was quite excited about starting with Boeruine. I heard about this flu epidemic in Croatia, quite heavy symptoms and very contagious, but strangely never spread from the country in which it started.

I certainly hope so!

X-Endier & KoH/GdN (JP):
Actually is is going around several countries Us to be included.  Several co-workers out with severs temps for 3 days some needing hospitals.


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