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Welcome to RoE II, the sucessor to the Dungeons & Dragons Birthright PBeM campaign "Ruins of Empire", the longest-running and most successful Birthright PBeM of all time!

The game is set to launch in Q4 of 2008.

If you are unfamiliar with the Birthright setting, here is a very brief description of the concept - the player characters, called "regents", are all great nobles, guild-lords, high priest or archmages, each controlling a "domain", which is a catchall for all the trappings and holdings of either a kingdom or a powerful organization. As the player you get to direct the actions of your regent and domain - do you have what it takes to grow strong and prosper, or will your enemies drag you and your kingdom down to ruin?

The RoE II campaign focuses on the Anuirean region of the Birthright world, a setting rather similar to late-medieval/renaissance Europe. The game focuses on the South Coast, Heartlands and Eastern marches regions of Anuire. The game will start on Turn 61 (Spring of 1535HC/562MR), which means that 15 years have passed in the game world since the start of the extended campaign!

As you can see from the projected start date - the game is not ready to launch yet, so there will be no domain applications for the time being. You are, however, welcome to join the community and make sure you are up to speed when the game is ready to go!

The RoE II game is well underway...we're in turn 66 right now...actually the 6th turn of THIS game, but the 66th since the start of RoE.

Look around, there may be a spot available for you right now!


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