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Riding the dragon (also known as the difference between DM Bjørn & Jon)


X-DM Jon:
Thought I'd make this clear in a sticky so I don't have to repeat myself in e-mails.

 DM Bjørn is your supreme court in all things RoE.
 DM Jon has an opinion about everything.

IC actions:
 DM bjørn is your supreme court in all things RoE.
 DM Jon will talk your ear off.

 In all things RoE:
 Bjørn is the judge and jury.
 Jon is a lawyer (note: not necessarily on your side).

 This means that all things RoE can and will be finally adjudicated by Bjørn, but most likely be opinionated and ranted about by me first. If you're happy with my decision on something, ask not and Bjørn will not make it worse for you  :D
 Unhappy, ask Bjørn and don't feel  bad about it for a second! I am after all your very own resident dragon, lawyer, horrible comedian (i.e. I think things are funny that you might not  ;D) and a self-made psychologist. You see I spent most of my life treating myself  ::)

 IMPORTANT: You ARE allowed to debate points of understanding with Bjørn, just don't expect him to agree with you  ;D

 All this means, and this is important, IF you feel something is wrong with the game, other players, Bjørn, etc. let me know, and I'll see if something can be done to soothe the pain and get you back in fighting shape, ready to backstab, invade, diplomatically insult and inflict that pain upon the others as a good RoE'er should!

 If you think something is wrong with me? Well... DON'T MESS WITH A DRAGON IN THE FIRST PLACE! (I wanted, personally, to be Yoda, just so you know, he and I are messable with)


DM Jon is currently enjoying life in Egypt and is therefore not actively DMing....


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