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X-DM Jon:
We have a goodly number of domains that could use a player, especially within the temple ranks.

 Seeing as the IHH will soon lay down the mantle of the Pontifficate, this domain will become much easier to deal with.

If any of you know anyone interested in playing RoE, give them a nudge - we could use a couple of new players. And if you're participating in various forums with possibly interested players, throw them a link to RoE.


My name is Tomas and Shido (Roesone/SG) is my game-friend.:-) We played some games in the past.
Iím 35 years old and Iíve 2 children.
I played  Birthright 6 years ago and I want to play it again by the way because I need to improve my English skill.

My Birthright CV
Mieres (7 years ago for more than 1 year)
I played Sarae Somelin EOM
Brief history:

* I was member of Avanís group against governor Vaumel. We had lost civil war but Vaumel was gently man and nobody was executed.
* I tried to improve my relationship with Vaumel to gain declaration Eloele as state religion. I got title saint Sarae given by common people.
* I tried to improve my military position at the same time and I secretly initiated revolt of one third of Vaumelís army against him. I couldnít lead this army because I didnít want to be suspected. This army was assigned to my secret lieutenant Shido (priest of Cuiraecen) but he was very naughty.
* Game was over after 14 rounds when Vaumel was killed by skeleton dragon and DM didnít want to spend his time to BR.

Golden coast
Ghamoura (6years ago for 4 months only)
I played Markhab el Aldezar
Brief history:

* I was mainly active in finding golden isles on the south. I conquered these islands.
* I tried to invent new ship because Zebec wasnít the best vessel compared to its price.

X-DM Jon:
Have a look at this link to figure out which domains you'd like to run, then send us an email concerning it. Preferably with 3 domains in order of priority.

Mail details are here:

And take care to follow the e-mailing conventions we use:


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