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Greetings potential players!

We are now actively looking for players, so if you want to play, do not hesitate to send in your applications.

This you must do:

1. Reply to this thread, stating your name, intent to play and what domain(s) you'd like to control
2. You may also send the DM a more extensive application by PM or e-mail if you so desire.

It will increase your chances if you can get hold of an existing player to mentor you and/or vouch for you.

X-OIT/Narvelon Diem (Bo):
Greeting and salutations, my name is Bo and for those who don't remember or saw I posted a thread with the creative name "New Guy" in OOC a few months back. *Posted realm preference before I saw which were available, doing research and getting back to that*

*ok having done a bit of research, and pending further developments*

1) OIT
2) Endier
3) Medoere
4) SASI (if they become available with Rune at WIT)

No rush Bo - as I said, there may be more openings once we start handing out domains to existing players and/or people fail to check in.

X-OIT/Narvelon Diem (Bo):
OK, I'll start reading Birthright Wiki entries and forming nefarious plans then.

X-EOM/SS (Tristan):
Count me in for playing the CJS Bjorn, it'll be nice to play my absentee overlord and be in a position where I can be more vocal.


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