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Can troops entrench in the absence of (at least one unit of) engineers?

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Re: Warfare
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The army starts building field fortifications at a rate of 1GB worth/unit per turn. The army loses the benefits from the fortifications as soon as it moves.

Field fortifications
Field fortifications represent a temporary or partial fortification, such as those at an entrenched armed camp or the walls of a village.

All armies are assumed to construct reasonably fortified positions at the end of each day's march such minor fortifications are equivalent on both sides, provide no tactical benefit, and are not considered to be field fortifications.

In order to build a fortification significant enough to qualify for a field fortification bonus, an army must occupy the province for four war moves (1 action round).

Movement: No effect.

Combat: Units cannot charge into fortified areas.

Units defending a field fortification square get a +1 fortification bonus to Defense. Units in the fortification square get a +2 morale bonus to all Morale checks.


Can troops entrench in the absence of (at least one unit of) engineers?

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