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Jack heads inside and waits for the door to be locked. It seems rather pointless really; neither the door nor the chain looked very robust. He could probably break out - even without the axe. With the axe it should take but moments to unhinge the door.

Anyway, Jack's not the paranoid sort. Neither is he overly clever. But he does have an active imagination, and being left alone in this strange place does set his mind turning. An Elder's daughter...that means these weir orders can down from top. Well, all orders do, but not this directly.

He's content to wait for a spell and see what happens. He's not really hungry, so rather than eating the sandwich he sticks it in his satchel. He has a drink of water from his own canteen.

Hmm, the biggest problem looks like it will be finding a place to piss.

Patience isn't really something Jack is known for. As minutes drag on he starts pacing. Searches the room (unless it's obviously completely bare). Practices some combat moves with his (he's of military age after all). Fantasizes about the Elder's daughter (he's got quite the imagination). Balances the glass of juice on his axe-blade, trying to avoid spilling any as he goes through increasingly fancy manuvers. Finally the glass goes spinning, but Jack catches it with a graceless lunge before it can shatter on the floor. Well, no juice for Jack. He scrapes around on the floor a bit, trying to make it less obvious that he's been an immature and ungrateful pig.

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
Jack does indeed spend some time alone in the room. :)

And just a bit longer...

Jack sits down and rests for a spell...zzzz...

After his little nap Jack gets hungry. He eats the (ham) sandwich and has a drink of water from the canteen. He then tries to listen to the door. That failing he starts to pace around the room.


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