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New campaign Rules I would like if I am to DM

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X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):
I'll have a look over the weekend, my "todo" list was reverse engineering the P&H back to turn 1 so it could be used for other PBEM's with Bjorn's rules, slow going so far.

X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):
Overall not bad, although I admit to skimming ;-)

1. Province loyalty, to deter a romp 'n' stomp, I'd suggest having 2 or 3 levels of rebellious, even if the others were just notional "you need to agitate up from R3 to R2 to R1 to back to work" type things.

2. RP retention cap - hits casters the most as they are "hoard and blast" types, not necessarily a bad thing though.  I'd suggest allowing an uplift for the court so that a big court allows greater retention, and convert RP to something rather than waste it - autospend on an action, conversion into something shiny (a morale boost, magic item, etc) or convert to BLS.

3. Court.  I have never liked the court descriptions. 0 GB spend still equates to up to 1000 GB a season spent on the court, it may be "quaint" but it is a good "inn" with several courtiers even at 0 GB  >:(

4. Exploratory trade - meh.  A lot of aggro for a money pump.

Incidentally, it may be the hour / advancing age, but I find that attaching a word file is easier to read than a huge text wall  :)

Could you post it in a doc or pdf format? The formatting is killing my head; I've tried working through ti several times, but to no avail. Plz.

X-Brosengae [Cloene] (Linde):
Will do. Expect it up no later than Monday


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