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Re: Recommended reading
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2008, 06:04:14 PM »
D20 "Game of Thrones" RPG is actually a nice fit for BR games, except that the magic system doesn't work too well (its much too low-magic).

I agree, overall a very nice fit for BR - but you would have to adjust the magic to work for BR. 

I think the GoT RPG does a good job of staying true to the novel, something the game designers felt was most important.  Magic was rare in the novel, but the magic that was there, was powerful!  Made for a very enjoyable home campaign.  :)

I really like how GoT RPG treats armor (Damage Reduction vs. AC adjustment).  At the individual level, it makes combat more realistic (and deadly) to PC's than classic D&D.  Very interesting tactical options are available for combat (vs. just rolling d20 and looking for a flank).  This is where (entertainment wise) the game makes up for having less magic in the world.

I was looking forward to the sequel rules set that was promised for rules governing mass combat.  Apparently the group working on it went under or ? before they were able to publish that rule book.  Too bad, I think they were on to something special.    :'(
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