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Xenophobia Rules
« on: September 26, 2013, 07:59:23 PM »
This post contains the rules of Xenophobia.

It will be updated as the game progresses.

Character creation
The Xenophobia character creation system is quite simple.

Divide 9 points between these attributes:

Pick a name for your character.

Write a brief physical description for the character.

Create a post in the OOC forum where you place all of this, in the style of this post.

Then describe what you do, there when you wake up in your sleeping area. The GM will come by and give you the next hook into Xenophobia.

Xenophobia attributes range from 0 to 10.

Attributes are "factors" that are applied to the body of the character.

Strength is used as a factor for lifting, pulling, hitting. Physical ability. Within the same species, the score is directly comparable.

However, "under the hood", muscle density and mass affects the total power that can be brought to bear.

As an example; a Human and the classic Orc can both have a Strength score of 4. But the Orc will effectively be stronger and hit harder, due to his different body structure.

At this stage in Xenophobia, you, as a player, do not need to worry about this.  :) - All players begin the game as human(ish), making the attribute range directly comparable between characters.

In Xenophobia this covers dexterity, agility and raw power. It is used for all physical activities in some degree.

Toughness, pain tolerance, stamina. Regardless of the cause, high Endurance means you keep going longer.

Perception, both social and physical. Reaction time. Instinct. Creativity.

If it can be taught, this is the indicator for how much you know and how easily you learn more.

Subjective physical beauty, from a 21st century human perspective. Factors in seduction and social reactions.

Life and Death

Your character can die.

When you die, you can create a new character. The GM must approve all characters before they can be used in play.

Xenophobia is set in a far future where fantastic effects are sometimes available. These may restore limbs and wounds and in a few cases even life. (Or in some cases, at least get close...)


Xenophobia Forum Combat is determined by the player's description of their attack, both IC and with OOC commentary. Conceivably, any attribute can play a role in combat in the hands of a creative player.

Damage is determined by the GM, who will take several factors into account. If he feels like it, he will line them up as an OOC post as part of rule development.

Being hit can reduce your attributes or accumulate damage that will eventually lead to death, if untreated. The GM will tell you what conditions apply to your character. Good roleplaying, that take these into account will increase the ultimate survival chances of the character.
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Re: Xenophobia Rules
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Reserved post, if needed in the future.