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Domain maintenance and court expenditure

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I'm also intoducing small changes here:

Domain maint becomes simpler to claculate, but is mostly unchanged.

For court exp 1 Gb does not neccesarily mean 1 court 'level' anymore. High-level courts cost a bit more. A level 7 court costs 8 Gb rather than 7, all the way up to 15 Gbs for a level 10 court. You can have courts of even higher level than 10 - but they only give you exctra actions, not a bigger bonus (+5 is max). That last bit is actually unchanged.

Level   Expenditure   DAC mod   Description
-   0 GB   -20   You do have no court at all. Court actions are next to impossible.
0   0,5 GB   -5   Your court is a joke; other regents are offended if approached by you.
1   1 GB   -4   Your court is very quaint, but still provides some basic functions.
2   2 GB   -3   Your court is rather poor, but is adequate for most purposes.
3   3 GB   -2   Your court is small, but is approaching acceptable standard.
4   4 GB   -1   Your court is below average, but hardly enough to be noticed.
5   5 GB   0   Your court considered average for a medium-sized realm.
6   6 GB   +1   Your court is considered above average for a medium kingdom.
7   8 GB   +2   You court is large and provides you with many competent hirelings.
8   10 GB   +3   Your court is prestigious, suitable for a great kingdom.
9   12 GB   +4   Your court is renowned for its size, retainers, and many events
10   15 GB   +5   Your court is opulent with fantastic spending, and numerous retainers.
+1   +3 GB   +0   You court is fantastic, you gain few actual benefits, but it is good for prestige.

# Provinces
and Holdings   Maintenance
0-5   0 GB
6-10   0,5 GB
10-100   1 GB/10 lvls
101-200   1, 5 GB/10 lvls
201-300   2 GB/10 lvls
301+   3 GB/10 lvls

X-Osoerde (Alan):
I like the streamlined domain maint rule.  The court rule probably doesn't affect most domains...

X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):
Is the cost stepped or cumulative?

So if a player has 101 holding levels do they pay:

a. 5*0 + 5*.5 + 90*1 + 1*1.5 = 94     or
b.  101 * 1.5 = 151.5?

The first is slightly more complex the first time that it's calculated (changes are easy once the base is done) but you get some nasty "cliff-edges" with option b.


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