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Variable GB transfers?
« on: July 16, 2013, 09:32:38 PM »
From the Regent Guide 2.20, Grant Action
"Offer Tribute/transfer funds [Free]
You transfer the agreed amount of GBs to a recipient.
Type: Free – You can perform any number of free actions per turn.
Cost: No base cost; but a number of GB to be given as tribute.
Check: Automatic.
Failure: There is no special penalty for failing to take this action, except the wrath of the recipient.
Note: This action covers two things; tribute to a liege lord or other transfers that have been agreed to by diplomacy.
Fixed tribute/indefinite grants appear as income (either under ‘extra income’ or ‘vassalage’) in the next P&H, and is thus available only from the next turn.
The successful transfer of one-time grants my be communicated to the recipient (by e-mail) on the turn after the grant was made."

I'm hoping to get confirmation that it is ok to diplomatically arrange a variable GB amount due to be transferred?

Basically something like this:

"It is agreed between domain A and domain B, that upon request from A, B will provide specific services at a cost informed to A, and this price accepted by dispatch by A, prior to its execution.

A is dutybound to transfer the price to B according to the following method:
<insert payment method>

B is required to perform the service as tendered to A, within X timeframe and with consideration of <insert excuses that are acceptable for failure etc.>