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Medoere and Ruornil's Celestial Spell
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Kaven Enlien, Baron of Medoere and High Priest of Ruornil's Celestial Spell (1503 HC)

Kaven is the great-grandchild of Mourten Enlien, the Dieman lord who was first dispatched to bring Medoere back into the fold. Born and raised in a noble household in Moriel, he went on to serve the Knight of Haelyn, where he quickly rose through the ranks to the position of Knight-Lieutenant - a remarkable feat for one so young.

When the Patriarch of the Ninth spell and former Baron of Medoere, Altaweir Enlien, found it increasingly difficult to interact properly with both the OIT and the Dieman nobility and take care of the spiritual needs of Medoere, he chose to look for aid within his own family. He approached Kaven, offering him the position of Baron and High Priest both, if Kaven would only would swear an oath to Ruornil to protect his chosen people. Kaven accepted, and shortly thereafter was invested as ruler of Medoere.

Since then the former Knight-Lieutenant has been part in many a war, often earning the trust of his superior through his dedication and undivided loyalty. Twice he has been put in charge of armies that should by far go above his abilities as a mere ruler of a minor Barony, but it would seem that the young Baron has had an aptitude for command, and those that fight under him are either devoted enough or sufficiently crazy to follow his lead into one impossible situation after another.

The realm of Medoere and the RCS traditionally has had the same regent, and this is still the case. While Kaven has taken more interest in secular politics, he is still the formal head of the RCS. The Patriarch of the Night Spell is the church’s spiritual head, but Kaven is formally in charge.

Altaweir Enlien, The Patriarch of the Ninth Spell 
Formerly the Baron of Medoere, abdicated in favor of his nephew Kaven Enlien. Although over his prime and with little hair left on his head, Altaweir is still rank in stature and able to do most of what his station requires unaided. Altaweir is still the ranking priest in the RCS and also the Chamberlain of Medoere.

Janeir Baeralen, Patriarch of the Eight Spell
Raised after the untimely death of the previous Patriarch of the Eight spell, Janeir is a man of great knowledge in both spiritual and secular matters. Some say his knowledge goes a bit too far when it comes to matters of the dark and shadow, but to this day he remains one of the Celestials Spells topmost experts on the matter.
Janeir has often accompanied the Baron on his mission, and has on numerous occasions discovered tears in the veil, that other men would pass by.

Governor Ser Willard Dale
Ser Willard is the newly appointed Governor of Suriene. He is a man who, despite his broad shoulders and almost permanent scowl, thinks things thoroughly through before talking, and seldom uses that many words to express himself when one or two well-picked ones suffice. This has lead to many jokes about some sort of vow of silence from him, but he merely smiles at this notion. As a result of premature baldness, he shaves his head regularly as much because he is a man who likes to be in control, and hates when he has no say in things, as it is an act of pure stubbornness to overcome his own faults and flaws. It is as much because of this stubbornness and lust for perfection, as it is his latent talent in the fields of architecture and logistics that has lead Kaven to appoint him as Governor of the colony of Suriene where he has done admirable work in gathering the colonists together.

Lord General Jonathan Ghant
The Knight Protector (and general) of Medoere is a gaunt elderly man who has taken control of the gathered forces of Medoere as their commander. Having stayed with the young Enlien for quite some time, he and Kaven has a sort of father/son relationship, and Jonathan was proud when Kaven first got promoted to commander, and later moved on to baron-hood. Jonathan has at all times been in charge of Kaven's security, and in his new role as Knight Protector, he takes that part, if possible, even more serious, something the young Baron is immensely grateful for.

Following the great war between Diemed and the Alliance, Medoere was given over to Diem as part of the peace treaty. It still remains a unified realm, but its ruler the Baron of Medoere is the Duke’s vassal

Having recognized the spiritual supremacy of the Orthodox dogma, and the Orthodox Imperial Temple as the only true interpreter of the Book of Laws, the Celestial Spell has been allowed to continue it's practices as a vassal of the OIT, and up until now has been left largely alone.

Manwela Alamier, Countess of Alamier
After the war, Alamier was given over to House Alamier, long languished in exile, to rule as vassals of House Enlien. The current ruler is Countess Manwela Alamier who to all appearances hold private court and maintain the baron's peace and otherwise don't bother much with external politics. Rumour has it, that it is other fancies who keep her interest.

Points of Interest:

The Temple of the Celestial spell in Braeme is among the most wondrous buildings found on the South Coast. It is from here that the spiritual leaders of Medoere direct their brethren in prayer – prayer which can ward against the Shadow or drive of evil invaders.

Moonstrike Keep in Caerwil is the last of the great fortress-monasteries on the Dieman border. It was here that the entire Dieman expeditionary force was struck down by the wrath of Ruonril in 1516 HC and where one of Heirl Diem’s armies suffered nearly the same fate almost a decade later.

Crescent Lake is a large, crescent-shaped lake in the interior of Alamier. It was the site of a great battle between Diemed and the Alliance – the first real victory for the Alliance. The lake is very deep, and rumored to be the home of a great serpentine monster.
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