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: Orthodox Imperial Temple (and NOT)
: DM B March 04, 2010, 09:25:18 AM
Cardinal-Patriarch Narvelon Diem-Avan (b. 1502 HC, r. 1534 HC): The regent of the OIT. Cardinal of the Conclave. Member of the CoT Inner Circle.

Narvelon Diem-Avan was born as the third son of Duke Heirl Diem. His eldest brother Carvaloen was groomed to eventually inherit the Dieman throne, while Kenolon joined the OIT and became a paladin (died fighting the Eyeless One). It was therefore natural for Narvelon to be put upon the path of the warrior. Married Aubrae Avan (daughter of Prince Darien of Avanil, his only child and heir) in 1525 HC. Two children by her. Controversy pertaining to the dissolution of their marriage (OIT priests cannot marry) - the OIT considers the marriage annulled, while the WIT considered the two still married, but divorced (important for the legitimacy of their children).

Pontiff Gielbert Aurlien: Ruled the OIT from 1529 HC to his forced abdication in 1534 HC. Aurlien was born in the Imperial City to a merchant family; he was the second of three sons. He spent much of his younger years as a scribe and scholar. Gielbert is widely considered to be the father of the Conclave of Temples. Some claim that he now leads the life of a wandering priest. Others say that he must be dead.

Cardinal-Patriarch Lavanal Briesen: From Niene in Avanil. Ruled the OIT from 1516 HC to his death on the battlefield in 1529 HC. Briesen supported Heirl Diem during the Dieman civil war, gaining much power for the temple in the process. He also strengthened the OITís relations to its vassals and did much to rid the OIT of its more draconian tendencies.

Patriarch Torean Briesen: Lavanal Briesenís cousin, an old adventuring cleric turned preacher. Appointed as the Archbishop of Aerele by Briesen before the Crusade. Was widely considered the mostly likely candidate to follow Aurlien. Rebelled against his master in 1535HC, creating a break-away OIT faction based around Moere (NOT - the NEW Orthodox Temple...not that they are calling it that themselves!).

Anduvael Geren: A scion of a lesser branch of the Geren line (the Barons of Moere). Has served as the Maester of the Holy Orders of the Inquisition for thirty-odd years, has a reputation for unflinching loyalty to the Cardinal-Patriarch (whomever that might be) - and for being a brutal zealot.

Ser Alaysa: A paladin of Haelyn. Late Duke Heirl Diem's oldest daughter (her younger sister, Lasica, died years ago in a fire).  Twin to (the late) Kenolon. helped fight the Eyeless One.
: Re: Orthodox Imperial Temple (and NOT)
: DM B March 04, 2010, 09:40:18 AM
The OIT also has two very important buildings that warrant mention:

The Avelerine Cathedral in Aerele is a Great Cathedral (controlled by the NOT).

The Serian Cathedral in Moere is a Hall of Justice (controlled by the OIT).

The OIT's temples are also so full of ancient artifacts and mundane wealth that pillaging their temple holdings nets you double the normal amount of GBs!