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X-Points East:


For a composite domain, perhaps the threshold for annual stability increase could be reduced by the number of domain types beyond the first?

Hypothetically, in the following manner (with the four relevant domain types being landed, temple, guild, and sorcerous):

Annual Stability Increase


Ruideside/OM (RP):

Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
To reduce the benefits of Sun-King type courts.

To quote a ruler in a game I was playing "why tax the guilds when I can hold them?  Other regents are just wasted resource"

It also reflects the inherent tensions in different types of organisations competing for the regents time.

Ruideside/OM (RP):
I'm afraid I don't see the issue, I don't understand what problem is being addressed here.

Talinie & NIT/TD (Linde):
Where does manor and trade enter this equation?

This is a fix to keep landed rulers from snatching up guild holdings if leidang become dependent upon guild control.

That you control 2+ different holding types already bear the handicap of having way to many ways to spend your limited actions. So to take out the nurf bat in that situation is a bit harsh.


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