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Silver House/ClDh (Bobby):
We've had some brisk discussion of the Hire Help action, as usual ranging from "How can we completely revise this?" to "Is there a need for this action at all?"  I'll be writing a concise summary of that discussion for Matt and Andy to consider, soon.  In the meantime, are there other actions that people would like to have looked at, whether to rebalance them for the new setting, to clarify how they work, or to change/add/remove them altogether?  I know some folks have commented about Rule actions - is there a real concern about whether they need to be rebalanced, or are people just commenting for fun?

Major alterations are less likely to happen, for obvious reasons, but I'd like to give everyone who has a concern a chance to voice it where I can kick it up to the GMs.  Take a look through v.2.21 of the Guide and let me know what you'd like to discuss!

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
Once a province is Rebellious there is almost no way to bring it back. The DDC's involved get too high.

Assume a level 3 or 4 province where all relevant holdings have been pillaged.

It is a spiral downwards that can lead to the complete depopulation of a province.

NRCS/LN (Mark):
Just a quick question.   Can we assume that most actions have the proviso that 'direct' action Ie. adventure, rp, etc. by the regent may have an affect on the landscape as well?

Silver House/ClDh (Bobby):
Adventure actions are by far the most common Supportive actions.  Regent/domain Supportive actions that are sensible and appropriate should give at least a +4 bonus, more if the action goes well or it particularly well-planned or well-written.  Supportive actions by hirelings, again, primarily Adventures, give at least a +2 as long as the hireling is suited to the task they're given.  RP is used as Influence - I don't know of any other normal way for it to assist actions.

Ruideside/OM (RP):
I wrote a set of rules for adjudicating adventures without playing them out. It was designed to handle those players who had some down time and decided to "go on adventure" which would ruin the session for the other players.

Here is the link I posted to it a while back


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