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X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):
Well, I'm trying to move from "this chap with a wand" to "this arcane society" for the casters so I was thinking "Spellguard of the North" or some such title sort of thing - court mage is somewhat limiting and person focused.

And I wasn't prejudiced, being honest I'd have described him as stakebait and if you wanted prejudiced the depths would truly have to be plumbed to justify his noted depravity.

Although I accept that on the Thuried scale he barely rates .1 and even his critics must accept that Regien is notably effective.

X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):
First cut of the turn 1 P&H, only Anuire attempted so far.

I obviously used the wrong version of the P&H as the course as it didn't have a nation summary so I built that from scratch.  Regents need updating, as do vassalage, etc agreements, Ashien/Bjorn's other new places need a going over.  Other nations need doing, etc.

Any comments welcome.

X-Ghieste & HOT/GH (Matt):
*sniffs at Ghieste disappearing* ;)

X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):

--- Quote from: Ghieste & HOT/GH (Matt) on May 12, 2013, 08:03:39 PM ---*sniffs at Ghieste disappearing* ;)

--- End quote ---

Think of it more as subsuming Tornilen and half of Roesone ;-)

Got the Crown basics done now, just did a check and the vassalage on Anuire doesn't even remotely balance  :(

X-Brosengae [Cloene] (Linde):
just a note.. Tribute is not substracted from net income if you have to pay it... But it is added if you receive it.
So the summary page has too much gold available for vassals.
Also: Port of call exchange should be noted as PCE on the summary page instead of PCS.


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