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X-MOC/Leman States (Even):
A list of introduction texts from the Status Reports that have been made over the years. Makes for some interesting background reading. No Status Reports available for turn 53 to 60 when the game was in hiatus and the story jumped forward at the start of RoE2.

TurnTextLanguage available1From the Tale of RoeleNorwegian/English2From the Book of DaysNorwegian/English3The Shadow WorldNorwegian/English4The WatcherNorwegian/English5The Anuirean calendarNorwegian6Types of Arcane MagicNorwegian7Swords of AnuireNorwegian8Search for the Hidden TempleNorwegian9Belief in the Old Gods?English10Dogmas in temples of HaelynEnglish11The Flight from ShadowEnglish12The Decline and Fall of the First EmpireEnglish13Bloodlines of AnuireEnglish14The ShadowstaffEnglish15House BoerEnglish16House AvanEnglish17Caelcorwynn/Western IslesEnglish18TenouireEnglish19The Hearth of DarknessEnglish20Anuirean armourEnglish21Origin of the LostEnglish22Prophecy of the retrn of AzraiEnglish23The Manual of Artillery WarfareEnglish24The goblin, from the Chronicles of House DracoEnglish25The FeyEnglish26The Anuirean soldierEnglish27Cerilian pantheon, heretical textEnglish28Speech about the ShadowEnglish29Non-human races of CeriliaEnglish30Aégos, RoE godEnglish31Séren, RoE godEnglish32Lyesha, RoE goddessEnglish33Salt in AnuireEnglish34Naylar, RoE godEnglish35House DiemEnglish36Word to the Baron, from the Chronicles of the DragonEnglish37Through goblin lines, from the Chronicles of the DragonEnglish38Old gods, heretical textEnglish39Worgs, from the Chronicles of the DragonEnglish40Hobgoblin ambush, from the Chronicles of the DragonEnglish41Imperial Templie hierarchyEnglish42Excerpts from the Anuirean Book of DaysEnglish43Imperial Temple of AnuireEnglish44Creation mythEnglish45Haelyn quote, Book of LawsEnglish46Pillars of HaelynEnglish47Ancient geography of AnuireEnglish48Northern AduriaEnglish49Mor Atha, AduriaEnglish50Alitaene, AduriaEnglish51Psalm 23English52-English61Brandon BoerEnglish62Ancient history of AerbrynisEnglish63The TitansEnglish64Ancient history of AerbrynisEnglish65The Satrap of Eustan (short story)English66TenouireEnglish67The Sere Coast, AduriaEnglish68The One GodEnglish69"Visions of the Apocalypse"English70TaelshoreEnglish71Aubrae Avan (short story)English727374757677787980

You could have asked...I have an Excel file with those :)

Salt in Anuire; very eloquently written!

X-ETN/Maire Cwyllmie (Libor):
Are those texts available somewhere?

X-MOC/Leman States (Even):
They are all in the Status Reports. Should all be available in the Download section.;cat=1


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