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Note that the version of the Regent Guide currently available is the old RoE version. It will see some significant changes before RoE II launches.

X-Mhoired (Dan):
I long ago  gave away the bulk of my gaming collection to the next generation of my former group.
Do you think it is necessary/worth it to begin hunting down copies of things like the Books of Magecraft, Priestcraft, etc., or will resources like your Regent Guide and the Birthright wiki be sufficient?

The Regent Guide is self-contained, so you don't need anything else.

Btw: If you really want to get hold of the old books, you could try to get the -pdf downloads. They are a pretty cheap and fast way to get everything collected.

X-Mhoired (Dan):
 ;D That'a a sight cheaper than what I was looking at having to spend. Thanks for the tip!

If anyone else wants them, here's one link:

I haven't done anything with these yet, so I can't speak for the site's quality. I've always loved the BR books' layout though, especially the lessons to be learned from each regent, good and bad.

X-Mhoired (Dan):
I've been meaning to post a positive endorsement of the above site for weeks now, the pdfs seem to be of quality, and my creditcard hasn't exploded yet, so, hurrah!

My apologies for the run-on sentence...


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