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--- Quote from: Don E on September 28, 2008, 04:18:00 PM ---As this affects temple and source regents significantly more, have there been some considerations as to how this should be balanced? Or were the realm spell influence just deemed too powerful in RoE?


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Spellcasters were too powerful. Nobody actually utilized their spellcasting potential, so it wasn't that big a problem, but it was a potential serious problem. Most csters will now be in the 5-9 caster level range. Which should be just about right - spells will be a supplement, but not too powerful.

We'll also see some changes to certain spells.

X-Medoere & RCS/KE (Thorsten):

--- Quote from: DM Jon on September 28, 2008, 05:01:06 PM ---All you need is: 1st level Bless Land. The most influential realm spell ever.

 I actually don't think the realm spells are that important, not when you're trying to save every possible action you have for all the other crap. Though that's speaking from a temple point of view...

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Speak for yourself! Shadowward! Shadowward, shadowward, shadowward! There's a reason the RCS had to built temples all the way to Alamie (can't remember if i actually got there, but the rcs sure made a temple-highway through Diemed...)

X-Diemed/Carvaloen Diem (Sheldon):
Wasn't some high level spell casting responsible for Robhan of the HA surviving the war in Mhoried?

Yes - he has a some selective memory...

X-Roesone/ARR (Robert):

--- Quote from: DM Bjørn on September 29, 2008, 03:31:59 PM ---Yes - he has a some selective memory...

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Nope.. "high level" spellcasting was employed by the enemy, "mid level" spellcasting was used by me.... INDIRECTLY....and "low level" directly ;)

I only had access to 4th level spells :)


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