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Greetings everyone,

First let me introduce myself. My internet name is Louis Davout and I live in Indiana USA. I've played RPGs and wargames on and off (mostly off lately) since 1980 and 1977 respectfully. Birthright has always fascinated me, having purchased it when it first came out. I have had a recent desire to start a new campaign. Unfortunately, running such a campaign is very time consuming. Software to manage much of it would be a most wondrous thing. So my first step was to search to see if anyone else has started anything. I am aware of BirMail but won't my needs. Now I have come across the which as definitely piqued my interest.

My name is Louis the Shrubber the software developer. I arrange, design, and sell applications.

I am a professional software developer. Currently I work with:

Object Oriented Programming
Mysql 5
Zend Framework
Doctrine ORM

My particular skills focus on the Model and Controller end of the MVC - in other words the behind the scenes stuff. You don't want me designing interface.

So I ask has anything been done since the post I mentioned was posted?

In either case I would like to provide my assistance.

Please let me know.



X-Elinie/RiD (Niels):
Hello and welcome!

Well, beyond the initial thoughts and the general brainstorming, the project has been sitting for awhile.

We have an excel sheet which we call "Provinces and Holdings" which is a database that gives an instant overview of regency and tax income, as well as holding spread and ownership.

When we plan a new turn, we do so in a second excel document called a "Domain Order", where the players, for a single specific document, enter the actions they are performing that turn.

This is then submitted to the GM for processing and implementing into next turns Provinces and Holdings.

The most obvious task for developing would be creating the required tables to contain these two documents and merge new turn orders automatically with the world document.

Graphics and world maps, army moves etc. is secondary to this core functionality, at least in my mind.

For the GM, planning turns for the NPC realms should be quick and easy, perhaps by a bulk editing module or through direct table access in a certain view.

Thanks for the reply. Question, can the application be web based? Not necessarily online. The GM could use on his own computer provided he has PHP/MySql on his computer - which is easy enough with XAMP or MAMP.

I ask since I my expertise is in web applications.

Another question is the app to be open source or not. I don't care one way or another. But it will affect where we could put the code repository and feature/issue tracker.   

X-Elinie/RiD (Niels):
This would be just my personal opinion, but I find it hard to defend that the project should be proprietary as it is developed openly between volunteers.

Of course, everything in moderation. If the burden is shouldered entirely by very few individuals, then it'll be up to those to decide which is better in the long term.

Anyone have thoughts on the type of app? Web vs desktop?


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