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Players must make sure that the e-mail used for the forum matches the e-mail they will use for IC and OOC communication in the game. This is because I don't want to spend time updating a separate list of player e-mails.

If it doesn't match, please change it immediately.

X-Mhoired (Dan):
(Warcraft II Knight voice): At your service!

Regarding the e-mail confirmation request, I'm sure the e-mail is correct since I only use the one, but will there be any message on the forum that appears when something is sent out? I 'm trying to make sure the spam filters don't send anything to the dungeon without letting me know.

I'm checking these boards everyday, I just haven't always had time to post many replies; this is just as well because either a) I haven't always had something to say or b) I haven't been happy enough with my fiction to post in on The Bard yet. Rest assured, my intent is to become far more active as things ramp up, and do honor unto Mhoried and House Kavarra!

and to enable other players to actually SEE your e-mail and USE it, you need to go to your "Profile" and check the box 'Allow users to e-mail you'.

You MUST do this!

(VISITORS are not able to see member profiles, so your e-mail stays hidden from unwanted viewers)

X-Mhoired (Dan):
Thanks for clearing that up, Bjorn, I think I've got most everythignthe way I (and you) want it now.

That didn't work out well; player e-mails are now listed in the Hidden part of the forum


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