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X-Roesone/ARR (Robert):
Order of the Stick (the one and only)

Looking for Group (not as good but still ok)

Agreed - go here or the wrath of god will be upon you:

Best comic EVER :)

X-ETN (Dimitris):
i'm sad about therkla....

and i think the whole separation has lasted a bit too long now

X-Roesone/ARR (Robert):
Yup... started as pure and hillarious comedy, and now its acquiring dramatic moments and character development

X-SASI/Orthien Tane (Rune):

--- Quote from: Roesone/ARR (Robert) on September 29, 2008, 08:28:17 PM ---Looking for Group (not as good but still ok)

--- End quote ---

If you like the LFG humor you could check out Not set in a fantasy setting, but the humor is refreshingly offensive at times. Same creators as LFG.

Any World of Warcraft-nerds could check out Used to be fun, though the author has lost a bit of his inspiration I think.


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