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Zaidan again?


Ruideside/OM (RP):
I am considering trying my Zaidan campaign again if anybody is interested.

Stjordvik Traders/SH (Tristan):
I've already posted on the Zaidan-Tai forums that I'd be interested in giving it another go :)

Ruideside/OM (RP):
If anybody else is interested, just join the other forum and state your preferences:

Ruideside/OM (RP):
The following positions are currently in need of a player

Sato Masayuki, Lord of Sasaguri and Paramount Lord of the Hokusei-do. [major lord]
Mori Akano, Lord of Yamaki [intermediate lord]
Maeda Yuudai, Lord of Shimanokuni [minor lord]
Mori Daito, Wizard of the Blue Pearl [wizard]
Hirano Setsuko, Director of the Four Brothers Cartel [merchant]

Ruideside/OM (RP):
A war has broken out that is rapidly escalating into a major conflict.
Check it out:


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