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X-Medoere & RCS/KE (Thorsten):
Hey guys,

Allow me to take a break from my trivial article-writing, to address something that's close to the heart: OOC versus IC talks.

Now while I don't mind everyone OOC planning their adventure/diplomacy/whatnot with each other, please don't substitute it for IC talks. This is as much a game of intrigue and court maneuvering, and it *really* hampers certain arch-types, characters and realms, if you talk out of character all the time and try to force others to do the same.

I know that there's always the fear of being misunderstood IC, or the need to know that you are "safe", but that's just the point - it's part of the game to allow for misunderstandings and live with the hint of paranoia that the treaty you just signed will come back and bite you in the ass. If you worry about it (ie. your character worries about it), deal with it IC... don't poke the player ooc and ask him if he "really means it?". In the worst case you could force a player into a morale dilemma where he has to decide, whether to lie to you out of character (which I doubt anyone wants to or will do) or come out in the open and confess that he is indeed trying to pull wool over your head and trick. And if he doesn't want to do that, he suddenly finds himself compelled to actually go through with something his character might not have.

This is especially the case with diplomacy and treaty-discussions, where one part will often try to sidle a few concessions or benefits into the mix, without the other side discovering it (the NPC's will be doing it ALL the time, I can assure you that). That becomes much harder ooc, because it will then be the player who tries to trick another player, instead of leaving it to the characters to sort out.

The reason I advocate so strongly against it, is that I have seen some unsavory types use exactly these means to "bully" other people into doing stuff that they normally wouldn't have in other games. I'm not saying that anyone here is doing that - I don't believe that to be the case. I'm just saying that it *has* happened before: we are generally nice people, and want to get along ooc, even if our characters hate each others guts. That means that what you agree with each other ooc - "player to player" will have a completely different measure of trust, than what is agreed to IC. And if that trust is broken, it's not your character that was lied to - it's you.

I know this is something that has been discussed before (and I wrote much the same last time), but I'll be damned if I can find the post.
OOC is all well and good when all parties agree to it, or if you are really pressed for time - but don't force OOC talk on those that don't want it. And please do not substitute it for In Character conversations. Pretty please. With a cherry on the top.

- Thorsten


X-Ghieste & HOT/GH (Matt):
I also concur. Care and attention is needed to ensure that the conversation and negotiations so vital to this game remain IC not OC or the roleplay evaporates from the game.


X-IHH/Wallac Isilviere (Kasper):
I find that doing stuff IC and then optionally add an OoC text to clarrify stuff works just fine for me though I concur OoC should not be forced upon those that prefer to stick to just IC.

Since Thorsten eddited his above post a month or so after I agreed I will just say my agreeing was to the original issue. Therefore take my consent in the light version.

X-Medoere & RCS/KE (Thorsten):

--- Quote from: IHH/Pontiff Wallac Isilviere (Kasper) on April 21, 2010, 12:02:21 PM ---I find that doing stuff IC and then optionally add an OoC text to clarrify stuff works just fine for me though I concur OoC should not be forced upon those that prefer to stick to just IC.

--- End quote ---

Yes. Thank you.  :)
That is probably what I would call "correct" use of OOC in conjunction with IC - by having an IC interaction with someone, and then at the end put in some small ooc clarification. It also allow others to "ignore" the OOC part, and stay completely IC themselves if they opt for it.

X-DM Jon:
I think this deserves a sticky because it's central to the game  :)

 And let's not forget that while Thorsten is quite correct, it is Thorsten's problem that he's such a nice man who only backstabs his friends in Facebook games. The rest of us know that the OoC attempt to lure every secret out of your opponent is essential to any good IC strategy. Because once you know it, it's hard not to act on it - somehow  :P

 It's still BAD and WRONG and NAUGHTY! And Bjørn will use sarcasm if he sees you doing it. You have been warned  ;)


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