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Re: Elections
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2008, 05:13:29 PM »
It always fascinates me how democratic politics seem to always be described on the left and right axis, and it seems, at least here in the U.S., forced to fit that mold.  They seem to ignore the other two axiis of the Hans Eysenck model.  ;D

I can't speak for most, but has anyone else noticed that the U.S. has seemed, at least since 1988 to be swinging like a pendulumn as people run one direction, realize they don't want to be there, and run the opposite direction, and then decide they don't like it there either... What concerns me is the pendulumn seems to be swinging farther and faster each time?  Maybe that's a natural mob tendancy... If your house is burning, you don't just run out to the porch and turn around and assess where you are, you run down the street, as far as possible... Maybe it's the fact that Two parties that slug it out in a winner take all brawl each contain elements that most people find good and flaws that most people find appalling... I'm not really sure.  I'm kind of thinking through this as I write it, but it does remind me of a quote from Professor Steven Dutch (Geology, UWGB) that goes like this:

"Just about everything your opponents say about you is true...
Republicans are more concerned about the wealthy than the underprivileged. Democrats are more concerned about the rights of sociopaths than they are about ordinary citizens.

Hint: Republicans, you get elected because you offer the public protection from social predators and regulatory micromanagement. Donít make the mistake of assuming you have a mandate to ravage the environment or cut taxes for the wealthy. Democrats, you get elected because you offer protection from the abuses of the wealthy and powerful, and a social safety net. Thatís not a mandate for gay rights, abortion on demand, or overriding every local decision in the courts."

I'm sure he's an angry old man, but he makes me think.  If you want to read more, there's more here.

I know I for one prefer when the House and Senate are balanced and if anything not in the same majority as the executive branch.  I think that you get more good done when you are forced to work with people of different view points and are not in a position to ramrod or sign in everything your party's agenda's warrant.  I come from the idea that checks and balances keep things fair, and I guess that's why the pendulum action I've been noticing disquiets me, if it swings all the way one direction, it allows fringe groups to more easily get what they want, not what effects the vast majority of American's as a whole.  It's kinda like running a blender with no lid on.  On low things are alright and it's just wobbling a bit, but if you punch the "Puree" button you and the whole room will be wearing that fruit smoothie.  :P
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