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Offensive/defensive pool/purse


The use of Offensive/defensive pool/purse has been a little ambiguous, but with the new DO sheet in use I'd like to make a clarification:

Offensive pool/purse will only be used to support actions INITIATED BY YOU (i.e. included in your DO).

Defensive pool/purse will ONLY be used to oppose actions INITIATED BY OTHER DOMAINS.

You still include notes as normal indicating what you'd like to use pools/purses on (and not).

X-Elinie/RiD (Niels):
Just for the sake of clarity, I ask;

If I know an ally of mine, is performing an action I want to influence Positively, do I place it in Offensive pool?
- Writing a note that support is given I suppose.
- Can I stipulate a limit to be used, on that particular action? (Support goes only so far, after all)

All Yes.


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