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Host: Captain Jack Moor

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Name: Jack Moor


Prowess: 4
Cunning: 3
Interaction: 5
Warcraft: 3
Subterfuge: 2
Psychics: 1
Faith: 0
Tech: 1

gear: power sword, bolt pistol in custom flak armour.

selena adios, fallen sister of battle  12 pts prowess 5, cunning 1, interaction 2, warcraft 2, tech 1 faith 1


irene: psyker 12 pts. Cunning 1, Interaction 2, Psychics 6, Faith 2 )

hulk mutant 9 pts: Prowess 6, warcraft 1, Subterfuge 1, Faith 1).

Lt kip fellow fallen guardsman 9pts Prowess 2, Cunning 2, Warcraft 2, Subterfuge 2, Tech 1)

kyojiryo, assassin 9 pts, prowess 3, cunning 1, interaction 1,,warcraft 1 subterfage: 2, faith 1

(hope this is ok)

bodyguards: 20 former imperial guard stormtroopers and regular guardsmen, hell guns and couple support weapons part of jack and and kips squads.

elits 0

Troops (40): Four squads of assorted riff-raff, well armed, but poorly armoured. Roughly equivalent to normal soldiers (less skilled, but highly motivated). The high number of squads compensates somewhat for the mediocre quality of the bodyguard squad.

(hope this ok)

Seems entirely reasonable to me.

I would like a little more info on the champion though; who is he, and how did he end up in this mess?

well i'm almost done just needed to know where we are exactly if we are still on cadia or soemthing

jack had always been a stubborn man even before cadia. he had a knack for always being right especially with his superiors giving orders  that wouldn't work. it somewhat got him the rank of captain. he always fought with his men and left none behind. it was just before he made captain he saw the demon known as the mask of slannesh. demon who couldn't stop dancing. jack had secretly watched her and somewhat dreamed of dancing with her.  then this thought grew when he was shipped to cadia. only now he wanted to free her from the curse slannesh laid upon her. he would take her place if necessary. but first he had to gain slannesh's favor. needless to say it was somewhat easy as he was tired of fighting for people who would not listen to him. while he as hesitant to betray everyone  soon found himself with a sizable warband complete with a few sisters of battle  lead by selena. as part of his bodyguard off the field of battle. on the field they lead his squads when for ever reason he can not. but that rare and has not happened. as he has said in the past "i will be the first to step on the field of battle, i will be the last to step off and i will leave no one behind so help me god."   he always leads from the front his  warband far lager then some. his example inspiring all around him. he will do what needs to be done or die in the attempt and him and his men will be together no matter what. he is also heard saying "each person i fight with is my treasure. i can't let any of them die. and if they die i will do everything to make their death mean something. i will not let them die in vain."

(hope this is ok)

I note you've got an extra henchman, but this is OK, as their stats are reasonable and they balance well with your troop choices. Plus you have high interaction, which translates into a slightly better array of henchmen and troops. If anything I would urge you to upgrade your Sororita a bit (to 15 points); her combat stats are Ok, but she seems a little weak in the support lores.

Note: Please capitalize and add a few line breaks here and there to make the text easier on the eye!


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