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Ruins of Empire: 1524 HC

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I've always known I would return to BIRTHRIGHT/Ruins of Empire.

I just wasn't sure when - or in what format...

Now I'm fairly sure of both :P

The plan is to start the process of putting together a game at some point in 2015 (so it's still a bit into the future, but not the very distant future).

The format will be a sort of 'back to basics'. We'll go back to the BR roots, to 551MR/1524HC and the South Coast/Heartlands/Eastern Marches of Anuire. It will not be a small game, but neither will it be a mega-game featuring all of Anuire. I intend to set the backdrop, but players will be more heavily involved customizing their domains and adding material than was the case in earlier RoE games. It will use the newest incarnation of the RoE rule-set (not yet published); except streamlining of the rules and simplification of the turn process. There will be interaction, but the game will also focus on making those turns tick.

More information will be released as we go.

Lurk Skywalker:
By then, I will probably have gained the title of "Senior Lurker"  ;D

Good stuff.


--- Quote from: Lurk Skywalker on April 10, 2014, 12:36:14 PM ---By then, I will probably have gained the title of "Senior Lurker"  ;D

Good stuff.

--- End quote ---

Seems you already did! :D

Ruideside/OM (RP):
I call dibs on the Western Isles if they are in play.

HBoT/JA (Viktor):
Good news indeed.


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